Where is your studio located?

I am one of the artists in residence at Western Avenue Studios & Lofts in Lowell, MA! Western Avenue is home to hundreds of creatives and makers of a multitude of mediums, making it one of the largest artistic communities in the country. The studios are located in a group of former textile mill buildings, and they're also home to a brewery, cafe, and food trucks on weekends. I highly recommend allowing some time to wander the halls before or after your session to experience five floors of artwork. Lowell is located about 30 miles outside of Boston. The drive to Western Avenue from Lowell Station (Commuter Rail) is just over five minutes by car, with additional easy access to the Lowell Connector and provided parking for those who don't take the train, making the studios easily accessible. The building is also wheelchair accessible, with both ramps and elevators if needed.

What types of photography services do you offer?

I primarily offer headshots, portraits, production photography, event photography, and wedding / engagement photography. If you're looking to book something that isn't listed here, contact me and we can discuss!

How do I book a photography session?

Booking a photography session is easy. Reach out to me through my website or email and let me know the type of session you're interested in. I'll guide you through the process, discuss your requirements, and find a convenient date and time for your session.

Can I choose the location for my photo shoot?

Absolutely! While headshot sessions are currently only held at the studio, any other session types can take place anywhere in New England. Whether it's at your home, a scenic outdoor location, or a venue of your choice, I'm open to capturing your photos in a place that holds meaning to you. I can also suggest locations if you're not set on anywhere in particular!

How long does it take to receive the final edited photos?

I understand the anticipation of seeing your final shots! My turnaround time is typically around 1-3 weeks, depending on the volume of images, the complexity of editing required, and the volume / order of other jobs I'm working on at the time. If you've ordered any retouched images, the same factors and timeline apply. I prioritize quality and attention to detail to deliver exceptional images that exceed your expectations!

Where will I receive my photos?

You'll receive your images digitally, in high resolution JPEG format, through a link to an online gallery. Images can be shared, rated, downloaded, or ordered for print through the gallery.

What happens if the weather is unfavorable on the day of an outdoor shoot?

If the weather doesn't cooperate on the day of an outdoor shoot, we can discuss alternatives such as rescheduling the session or finding an indoor location. I want to ensure the best possible outcome for your photos, and will adapt as needed to any unforeseen circumstances.

Should I do my own makeup?

Makeup is something I highly recommend for all of my clients. It's important in helping to mattify your face and accentuate lighting. If you're not experienced in doing your own makeup, consider asking a friend or Sephora for some advice or perhaps ask a friend to do it for you. Makeup for headshots in particular should be minimal and can often be self-applied. The most essential product for both masculine and feminine looks is translucent setting powder. I'll provide some at the studio but feel free to pick some up and apply it on your own to save time. Lightweight foundation, green anti-redness color correcting cream, and cover up (well blended) are also options for skin. If applicable, mascara, basic eyeliner, various lipsticks (matte, not shiny is best), and light blush are also nice options for those with more skill. Skin imperfections and blemishes can be removed during retouching but dryness and redness are the most difficult to remove. A non-oily moisturizer can be used to prevent dryness, color correcting cream is good for redness, and lip balm the days leading up to and the morning of the shoot will help with chapped lips.

What should I do with my hair?

Some important tips for prepping your hair for a session are: washing it within 24 hours of the session, using only matte products, and taming frizz if necessary. Shine typically doesn't photograph well on skin or hair so you'll want as little oil as possible. I'd also recommend having your hair done just before the session (if you're not booking an artist) and making sure it's been well-styled.

How do I book a hair / makeup artist?

If you're interested in an artist for your session, we'll need enough advanced notice to discuss their availability (ideally at least three weeks). As far as session types, hiring an artist would be most beneficial for headshots, as they're under closer scrutiny than other photo types. Unless you plan to meet the artist somewhere else prior to the session, the time to get into hair / makeup will be subtracted from time in front of the camera (or the session can be extended for extra cost). The artist's rates will be separate from mine. Contact me if you're looking for an artist and I can put you in touch!

What lifestyle choices should I make to look my best for the session?

The tips I'd recommend most for the week leading up to the session are: staying hydrated, eating relatively healthy, getting plenty of sleep, using non-oily moisturizers, and using lip balm (cracks in the lips can be extra tricky to fix in photoshop)! If you're planning on cutting your hair, consider doing it about three days to a week before the session, especially if you have shorter hair. This will allow the haircut some time to age and look more natural. Use only mattifying hair and lip products on the day of the session and make sure to wash your hair fairly shortly prior, as well. If you have facial hair, make sure it's properly cared for and lined up shortly before the session. If you prefer to go clean-shaven, shaving and moisturizing on the morning of the session will look best. If you have skin irritation post-shaving, consider shaving the night before the session.

Is retouching necessary?

When it comes to headshots or any closely cropped portraits, the aesthetic differences retouching can bring are quite substantial. Retouching corrects skin tone and texture, removes blemishes / stray hairs, enhances eyes, and dulls wrinkles. You'll definitely notice the difference!

What should I wear to my session?

Most importantly, wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident! I 100% recommend over-packing for your session. Bring lots of layers and different fabrics and styles with a variety of colors. Experiment with glasses and jewelry if you'd like. Focus on earth tones, jewel tones, and pastels; avoid overly-saturated colors such as neons. Make sure to bring both neutrals and bolder colors. Avoid athletic fabrics, overly busy patterns (feel free to ask me if you're wondering if a pattern is too busy), graphic tees/sweatshirts (unless for a very particular look), and anything ill-fitting. Form fitting is best, as baggier clothes can look boxy. I'll provide a garment rack and lint brush for in-studio sessions. I'd recommend steaming or ironing your clothes before the session in the interest of time, and hanging them properly if necessary.

How far in advance should I book?

Sessions should generally be booked two weeks in advance, minimum. Depending on my schedule, I may be able to take inquiries about shoots on shorter notice, so feel free to inquire. When it comes to booking: the earlier, the better, so I can prepare correctly.

How does payment work?

Headshot and portrait sessions will require a 50% retainer fee, due upon booking. This fee becomes non-refundable starting three weeks before the session, with exceptions for emergencies. I accept deposit payments digitally or by mailed check. Final payments may be paid digitally or with cash or check on the day before / of the session. The gallery will not be delivered until payment is finalized.

How does cancellation / rescheduling work?

Sessions must be canceled at least three weeks in advance and rescheduled at least one week in advance. There are exceptions in the event of an emergency. If we have to reschedule your session, your deposit will serve as a placeholder. If I must permanently cancel the session (very unlikely) or if you must cancel and do it more than three weeks before the session, I will refund the deposit.

May I have the RAW files / edit the photos from my session or booking on my own?

I do not release RAW files to clients, as I apply my own personal editing style to each photo before releasing the album to a client. I also request that clients refrain from adding any personal edits to images, such as changes to exposure levels, color balance, or grain. Doing so will violate any signed contracts and the image may need to be removed accordingly.

How do I order prints / downloads?

Standard prints, wall hangings, photo albums, cards, and digital downloads can be ordered through the store attached to each gallery.

Do you do consultations?

Yes! Consultations following booking are available upon request. They will take place either over the phone or video chat. If you're new to being in front of the camera or are looking to throw ideas around prior to the session, this may be a good option for you.

May I bring a friend or family member to my session?

Of course! Feel free to have someone join you at the studio if you'd like. I do request a limit of one guest and that they remain on the sidelines for the most part, though they are welcome to serve as a backup stylist or cheerleader.

Do you work with all age groups?

I'm happy to work with subjects of all ages. In any case where the client is under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must serve as a chaperone for the entirety of the session.

Do you do group sessions?

Yes! Rates and logistics for group sessions can be discussed prior to scheduling.

What characterizes a "look"?

A look is essentially a full outfit or vibe change. Adding or removing a layer or decorative item will still count as a single look. Some ways to make the most out of your available looks are to include jackets, button ups, sweaters, jewelry, hats, or glasses.

What's the difference between a portrait and a headshot?

A headshot is more focused on marketability, with very particular framing and lighting. A portrait allows for more room for experimentation and variety in content and framing.